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Ce palpitations (extra heart beats) during the procedure due to the catheter electrodes stimulating your heart. viagra vs viagra young men Your heartbeat will usually return to its normal rhythm very quickly without needing further treatment. Viagra dosage overdose However, very occasionally extra treatment (cardioversion) is needed to correct your arrhythmia. cheapest price on viagra Cardioversion is a treatment for heart rhythms that are irregular. viagra for sale online Before you are cardioverted you will be given a short-acting sedative to make you sleepy. Once you are asleep a special machine called a defibrillator is used to send electrical energy to the heart muscle to restore the normal rhythm and rate. buy viagra   during placement the catheters may puncture the heart muscle causing blood to collect around the heart, this is called a cardiac tamponade. Cheap viagra eu If this happens the doctor may need to insert a drain to remove it. cheap viagra online The risk of this happening to you is less than 1% after the procedure bruising and bleeding in the groin is common following the procedure. Viagra pills toronto However, this usually disappears within a week and does not cause a problem. buy viagra pills online uk Before admission if you are taking medication to control your heart rhythm it is likely that you will be advised to continue taking your tablets until your procedure. viagra online forsale Again, if you are taking warfarin (blood thinner) it is very important you check with the ep co-ordinator before your admission, as you may need to stop taking it before you have the procedure. viagra for sale If you have any questions please talk to the ep co-ordinator about the medicines that you are currently taking. generic viagra delivered overnight Before the study on your arrival to the ward you will be introduced to the nurse who will be looking after you. viagra usage side effects The nurse will talk to you and your family about your hospital admission and answer any questions you may have. generic viagra delivered overnight Before the procedure, you will have blood tests taken and an electrocardiogram (ecg) recorded. viagra in canada with prescription A doctor will also see you and explain the procedure to you, he will then ask you to sign a consent form; this is to ensure you understand the procedure and the associated risks. buy generic viagra If you have any worries or questions please do not be afraid to ask. cheap generic viagra It is important to tell your nurse or doctor if you have any allergies or have had a previous reaction to drugs or other tests. buy viagra If you are having the procedure done under a general anaesthetic, you will also talk to an anaesthetist. women using viagra men Before the procedure a nurse will help to get you ready. viagra generic soft tabs The doctor or nurse will need to insert a small needle into a vein in your hand (cannula) this is to allow the doctor to give you drugs during the procedure. buy cheap viagra You will also be asked to shave your groin and if necessary your upper chest and you will then b. generic viagra delivered overnight viagra 25 mg effects generic viagra 5 pills where can you buy viagra in bangkok viagra 20 mg hinta where to buy authentic viagra online clean viagra jokes buying viagra online forum